The story behind FLXBL

What makes a FLXBL yoga mat so special is its multi- functionality, top quality, and ultimate comfort. You can use FLXBL as a hygienic, non-slip top layer but also as a lightweight yoga mat for traveling, on the beach or in the park.

FLXBL is designed by Ingrid. Like so many of us in this hectic society, she was looking for more peacefulness and relaxation after a stressful period in her life. This is when she started doing Hot Yoga.

Although she loved the warm yoga classes, she kept slipping away on the yoga mat of the studio. The mat was super slippery from all the sweat!

She looked around and saw that more people were bothered by this. Although they did use towels, the towels didn’t fit nicely onto the yoga mat. At the end of the class, everything was pushed aside and it was one big mess.

Also, the thought of doing yoga on a mat with someone else’s sweat on it kind of freaked her out.

That’s why she decided to take matters into her own hands. She developed FLXBL and (after a lot of creative processes) took the first version with her to class. It was great! It turned out to be the ultimate absorbent top layer, giving her 100% grip.

Every yoga pose went so much better… she didn’t slip in Down Dog anymore and she could finally really enjoy the class. She had her own practical, cheerfully colored yoga mat, which she could easily clean afterward.

She knew that she had to share this. She decided to go for it and put FLXBL in the market. It turned out to be a hit! Before she knew it, yoga teachers and fellow students were using the yoga mat too.

it turned out to be a perfect travel mat during my Bali trip


She found out that FLXBL isn’t only perfect to use as a non-slip & hygienic top layer on the yoga mats of the studio, but it’s also great for:

  • Traveling: FLXBL is so light that you can easily take it with you in your handbag, backpack or suitcase. Very handy in tropical countries like Bali or Thailand, where the mats of the yoga studios aren’t always the cleanest.
  • Summertime, to use as an outdoor mat. FLXBL is perfect for in the park or on the beach.
  • A Yin or Hatha Yoga class to have more comfort during long- held poses.
  • Practicing at home, on a yoga mat as a quality top layer.
  • Boosting your mood with FLXBL’s vibrant colors!