Exchange for a different color?

Check the webshop stock for the right color. Send us an email if you want to exchange the order. We cannot exchange the product, so when we receive your FLXBL, we deposit to charge to your account. You can place a new order for new color whenever you want.


First check if your exchange / return shipment meets the following conditions:

The FLXBL yoga mat is unused and only tried inside. The mat is therefore not used outside laid in the sand of grass.
The FLXBL yoga mat is proper wrapped around the roll with plastic and is not sent folded.
The FLXBL yoga mat has not been washed.
The FLXBL yoga mat is not damaged and / or you have not caused any damage yourself.
It is no longer than 14 days since you place the order.
Send us both in case return on receipt of your order and an email. Send your purchased item by post to us.

Return address:


Poststraat 26F

5038DH Tilburg

The Netherlands

(NOTE: the return address is not the same as the postal address)

Add the packing slip and possibly your details to your return shipment. Return costs is for own cost and the return shipment is also for your risk.

Reimbursement is possible. When we have received your return shipment, you will receive a message from us. The amount of your purchase will then be credited and refunded to your account.


Is something wrong with the FLXBL mat or did you notice something during unpacking? Are there damages that you can’t help? Take a photo and send it to Preferably as soon as possible after the sale.

Did your mat start curling after washing? Does the color look faded after a few months? Then you probably use a wrong washing program. FLXBL stays beautiful when washed soft (handwash program) and put not in the dryer and not in the centrifuge.

FLXBL is not responsible for damage caused by mistakes made during and after washing. Treat your FLXBL with love and attention, which maximizes the rubber, the microfiber layer quality and the color will not fade.