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FLXBL heet FLXBL om een reden. Hij is super flexibel, je kunt hem zo opvouwen, in je tas
stoppen én in de wasmachine stoppen na een sweaty practice. Zo heb je altijd je eigen frisse yogamatje bij je. Handig voor als je de hygiëne van de yogamatten in een yoga studio niet vertrouwt 🤗
Compared with other sticky non-slip mats/towels, the FLXBL feels velvety soft on the skin. This is so nice during the transition between poses and you will enjoy the flow much more. No more sticky uneasy moments anymore. #handwash #noridges #yoganl #yogastudio #happycolours #grounded #ashtangajumpthrough #traveltowelmat #downdog #sweatyhands #quality

FLXBL is a lightweight yoga mat and luxury non-slip top layer in one. It’s the ultimate yoga mat for extra comfort during your yoga practice. FLXBL is velvety soft, eco-friendly, and easily washable. And FLXBL is so flexible that you can just fold it up. Easy to travel with and carry on your bike.